Monday, March 8, 2010

Quiksilver jeans (Relaxed fit)

Jeans are important in teenagers' life. The jeans we are wearing show our personality and characters. On that note, I am going to do a review about a Quiksilver jeans.

This product mainly revolves around male teenagers and it is no surprise that young adult and teenagers, one that take others impression greatly into account are the group that might show the interest.
The group consists of people who are concern about their look and personality. They are basically around 17-30 years of age.
The problem with other normal jeans is that they are not durable enough.
The nature of teenagers are outgoing and active, so they may need a jeans that can provide them durability and a sense of long-lasting.
Standard jeans are also dull and it is just sake of a jeans while this product offers something more.

Quiksilver logo

Quiksilver jeans promise the durability and toughness that are needed by teenagers. People are able to trust the material used because the substance is reliable and it is a well-known brand.
It gives you freedom in being yourself and stays on the active side whenever you want to.
For instance, when you wore a normal jeans for outing you might have a sense of limitation for certain things that you intended to do such as sitting on a hard floor or simply jumping across a drain as it might cause your jeans to ripped apart or wrecked.
But with this jeans, you have no such constrain as it can stand all that.
Not only that, this product also apply a relax cutting to their jeans and are not too fit like those we normally sees in market.
Those tight jeans are what makes you take 20 minutes of walking to class instead of 5.
It is also easy and effortless to wash this jeans. Unlike some other ordinary jeans that are so hard to be washed because of the sensitive material used and you need to separate it from other clothes. With Quiksilver jeans, you can wash it like other normal clothes, put it in a washing machine along with other and then dry it up.

Sample of the jeans

This product also is an exclusive product that gives extra attention to the details of the jeans. For example, there is a tiny Quiksilver logo at the back of the jeans button and a lot of other Quiksilver logo at different places uniquely placed on the jeans. It is rarity that you might not find on common jeans. Customers also provided with beautiful exclusive paper bag when purchasing the item. Customers will feel satisfied and appreciated. Plus, there is also 10 % discount for member.

Sample of paper bag

Apart from its visible advantages like what have been mention earlier, this product also provide other aspects instead of simply a jeans.
This aspect is quite hidden and involves the buyers' self confident and personality.
So when buying this jeans you are not only paying for the jeans plainly, but also for the sense of confident that it can provide to its buyers.
In other words, you are indirectly purchasing a confident for yourself.
That is the uniqueness of this product.
In term of how other see us, and in term of how we see ourselves, it work both ways.
Firstly on how other might see us, it is simply different.
In case you are not attractive or fine-looking naturally, by wearing this product you would earn a sense of respect from other because the product brand are well established in the world of fashion apparel. People will see you as a person of a great taste because the brand is artistic and people around the world are wearing it. It serves as a popular culture that connects the fan of the brand.
Secondly, it is for your own satisfaction. You will feel positive and firm when wearing this product for outing because it is quite an expensive product (but worth it) and you work hard to earn it. Self satisfaction is important in order to keep ourselves happy and cheerful.
That is what makes this product great in term of value for money.
You can pay RM100 for standard and common jeans that only provide you with what a typical jeans would. One that might ripped apart sooner or later and cause you to buy another.
Or, you can choose to invest an extra RM200 for a jeans that offer you trust, long-lasting, confident and class. That is a Quicksilver jeans.